Dec 13

A Doctors Note Explained

EJ Tools Fake Doctors Note

There have been times that I have taken off work being legitimately sick and I have my boss looking at me like I was faking. It seems to be times that it gets busy and stress levels weaken my immune system. I don’t need to go to the doctor, I know my body, I will knock out for a few hours get some much needed sleep and I will go back the next day almost as good as new. Now to knock out any doubt I can easily provide them with an dr. excuse and not have to stress.

Ok, there are times I want to get away and take a trip to an amusement park. The best times to go the kids are in school as it is way too busy during the summer. It seems like I have to claim they are donating an organ or their grandmother died in order to get them excused from school for a couple of days. What I found works wonders is a fake doctors note (from here). I have done it a couple of times, but the great thing is this one site I used, which does charge a fee but is very inexpensive and a lot better than those that are offered at no cost – those almost got a buddy fired of mine fired just for trying to save a couple of bucks. On top of that the site that I used is guaranteed! In fact if you find a doctors note template anywhere else they will give you $100!

Now if you need some additional breaks you aren’t limited to only doctors notes. This site that I use also offers the following:

  • Return to work note & form
  • Funeral Pamphlet
  • Jury Duty Note
  • Mental Health Note
  • ENT Note
  • Medical Absence Report
  • Much More!

Which are great! So if you are running out of symptoms the Jury Duty Notice or Funeral Pamphlet are life savers and who would want to question those anyways? The easiest part is all you have to do is gain access to your account, download it, edit it to your specific needs (ie: name, dates, etc.) and print. It can’t get any easier than that! If you have any doubts the website has plenty of testimonials and samples to view them before you do anything!

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